Premises Liability

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Premises liability cases are often complex, with an accident or incident on property owned by another individual or party leaving a client injured. To have a case, the accident or incident must have been caused (either directly or indirectly) by conditions on the property that were known to be dangerous by the owner. Our attorneys can help you as they are knowledgeable in cases involving premises liability in California. From animal and dog bite injury cases to negligent security, we are highly experienced with these issues.

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If you have been injured due to the negligence of the property owner, turn to an experienced lawyer at Aiken & Jacobsen. From our Sacramento, California, office, we provide clients with tailored and comprehensive personal injury representation in a wide variety of cases, including various types of premises liability matters. Talk to one of our Sacramento premises liability lawyers today.

Slip And Falls

Though they may appear to be minor and sometimes embarrassing, slip and falls can cause serious injuries. Whether you slipped and fell at a retail store, supermarket or other location, it is important that you do not talk to anyone but your slip-and-fall lawyer after an accident. However, it is best if you attempt to identify what it was that you slipped in, such as water on a wet floor. By contacting us immediately after seeking medical attention for your injuries, we can begin the process of investigating and gathering important information and evidence about the poorly maintained property.

Negligent Security

Parking ramps and lots are often the scene of an assault. Most commonly, these assaults occur due to inadequate security measures by the property owner. This can include insufficient lighting, the absence of security cameras and the lack of security personnel. If you or a loved one was attacked and believe it was due to insufficient security measures, talk to one of our lawyers immediately.

Other types of premises liability claims involve:

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